Modern Men Autumn/Winter 2012 Style Choices (3): The Corduroy Textured & Fitted Fashion Garments To Represent Heritage & Sophistication

The big idea of Heritage has dominated the men’s and young men’s fashion market for a long time, from the heritage cut, the heritage second shop, the heritage taste of everything. In this Autumn/Winter 2012, in streetwear high street market, the word heritage has translated into a sophisticated perfection combining the function of warmth and streetwear trends. The idea of using corduroy fabrics in this upcoming season has largely shared among high street store, to either represent the worship of heritage insmpired fashion trends, to either introduce a cheaper version of velvet fabrics that customers could find in the high end fashion stores.

The sophisticated texture such as velvet and corduroy has largely used in Autumn/Winter 2012, especially the nice work on shirt, blazer, and funnel slim-fit trousers that customers probably could find everywhere on the high street.


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