Topman Autumn/Winter 2012 Lambswool Collection: Modern Twisted Heritage Formal Look With The Styling Of Wool Knitwear

Topman in September 2012 introduces this very down-to-earth lookbook on their new merchandising called ‘Lambswool’, which focuses on the knitwear garment and the possible styles related to this brand-new knitwear range with classic Topman taste.

Borrowing the nature soften texture and de-constructed lines, the knitwear in Autumn/Winter 2012 has developed into many different usages, from very fitted items that consumers could wear as the basics depends on different colour choices, to quite chunky ones that consumers could wear them as outerwear directly. From the author’s point of view, knitwear as outerwear as one of biggest hit in this season, replacing the conventional function of cardigan, people tend to wear pull-over knitwear items rather than cardigan to hold a clean and simple look.

Also, people who like to wear formalwear, the simple coloured fitted knitwear not only could help them get over the cold weather, but also add an extra hint of heritage into modern formalwear. Referring the looks from this ‘Lambswool’ merchandising range, the model is styled with bright coloured shirt under that creamy jumper, the white shirt under grey jumper. They are sleek and clean in a good way to represent a twisted formal heritage look. They are just simple, clean, in fashion, and functionally warm. In addition, a denim jacket and a wool material coat are great potential to push out a more advanced stylish look, either relaxed formalwear, or a street-wise stylish look.

The garment of knitwear has been highly in fashion and found in trendy people’s wardrobe for many years. Especially the key soft tone of knitwear fabric has contributed a great deal of unconventional taste comparing with other more constructed garments, for example the most common gentlemen looks around blazers and trousers. Also, considering the high impact and potential influence of the big idea of ‘heritage’, which really indeed re-shapes modern fashion designs and pushes fashion designs with more depth and width. Knitwear as a garment existing from history, the different pattern, materiel, colour and texture of different woven knitwear could translate into different elements of fashion looks throughout the history.

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