SAMUEL JING at Dolce & Gabbana Work Diary (4): Vogue Fashion’s Night Out 2012 Experience & Thinking Of Modern Fashion Marketing Techniques

Organised internationally by Vogue, the most influential fashion magazine on this planet, the annul event Fashion’s Night Out has been around for many years to give customers a chance to interact with their favourite fashion brands who are expected with exclusive products, massive discounts, and goodie bags and drinks. Vogue Fashion’s Night Out was held on 6th September in London in 2012, after 5pm you can start to see on the street near Bond Street quite a lot of female walking with extreme tall high heels, and male with bold colours and distinguishing fashion forward garments. And for me, I could see quite a massive queue to enter the exclusive sized door of Alexander McQueen, blocking in front of the both entrances of Dolce & Gabbana.

It sounds quite odd that as the same tiered fashion brand, Alexander McQueen maybe slighted even younger and smaller than Dolce & Gabbana, but why there’s a queue in front of Dolce’s door with those fashion early adopters’ eagerness to get into that tiny sized door? It’s because Dolce & Gabbana is not hosting any sort of event to support and interact this big idea of Fashion’s Night Out, the same time Alexander McQueen stocks quite a lot of exciting things for customers for a night of fashion. The explanation of not participating the event is there’s no money to make, 99% customers are purely coming for a taste of bubble wine and a chance of getting into high-end fashion brands’ shop floor.

Well, there’s a question I need to ask, is it the night of fashion purely for the purpose of making money? It’s not, simply put, just not. It’s understandable the origin of money making business; however, getting involved with modern fashion marketing techniques is far more important for a longer term development. Fashion’s Night Out, is true with loads people with posh class wanna-be minds, but the point is to create the excitement for the market to get people involve to your brand.

Considering how many media will report this massive international event of Vogue Fashion’s Night Out, if you create something special, well, your brand will get the potential to be covered by tons of fashion media first of all. Then, people (early fashion adopters) will start to talk about it, the word of mouth starts to work on the following processes, your brand will gain more brand equity that people start to think your brand interesting, or at least something they know about. It’s always help if a customer has a such a small fragment memory of your brand, when this customer needs to buy a high end product, he/she will think about you. This customer could be an existing client, a potential client, a future potential client, you will never know. I give you a very simple example, think about when you are abroad and really hungry, you need a place to eat but you don’t know their language and where you can get food, but now you see a big letter ‘M’ in front you, I am sure you will be really happy to get into McDonald’s.

After spotting this hurtful queue thing in front of Dolce & Gabbana, I carry on my Fashion’s Night Out to more high street brands, such as Superdry and United Colours Of Benetton. They both have very nice window display and store presentation for the night. Especially, Benetton was hosting a live music performance by Queen of Hearts, the music artist for the TIGI Bed Head’s event at Hoxton Pony I attended months ago.


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