Reiss Autumn/Winter 2012 Menswear The Great Tailoring Movement: The Colour, The Fabric, The Cut, The Style & The Development Of Tailoring Shaped By Heritage & Modernity

Another core competence of the high street designer-lead premium brand Reiss is their suiting range. In fact, Reiss menswear is devoting a larger and larger portion of their merchandising into formalwear part of their fashion business. Such a big collection is the first impression on their merchandising, from three pieces, two button, three button, single button, short length, double breasted, and so on, plus vary colour choices, Reiss provides a high quality designer taste of suiting merchandising for mass consumers.

Autumn/Winter 2012 Reiss is on a mission to introduce as many suits as they can to their consumers, from event-wise to daywear suits, as suit as such consistent strong male clothing piece throughout the history, not only standing for the power of authority, but also giving the extra edge of modern menswear. It seems nothing well go wrong if you put on a suiting blazer, no matter it’s constructed or deconstructed, regardless the fabric and colour. Suiting and suiting inspired formalwear and casualwear are strong enough to help guys stroke a responsible and fashionable pose.

Body shape this factor is the number one factor, because fat or thin really does have a strong contribution in shaping consumers’s buying decision, for example, if a customer is really big and more than average shape and wishes to get a suit in Dolce & Gabbana, it’s safe to say that he will not buy ‘Gold’ cut suit, because it’s impossible to fit the guy, so they always go for ‘Martini’ cut instead. Therefore, it’s first rule that if you buy a suit, considering the fit, no matter how beautiful the suit fabric is and how much you love the suit, if it doesn’t fit you well, please drop it, because it’s a piece of heritage formalwear, a perfection and translation of male appeal and everything related.

Also, age plays a big game in choosing what suits to wear when consumers try to work out what suit to buy. age is a fair factor to say that younger guys wish to look impeccable by in favour of slimmer cut of suit, a slightly shorter drop, a thinner lapel, and slim trouser to have a young and funky businessman with a sense of style but still sticking to the office rules.

In recent years, the word ‘heritage’ is really highly used in every piece of fashion media fashion description, from designers collecting design idea and constructing the mood board, to the press following up to use ‘heritage’ this word making the brand more with depth and draw people’s attention. Well, there’s nothing wrong to be inspired by heritage, fashion indeed repeats itself just like the economic growth itself, up and down, forward and backward. However, fashion as a sociology term not only repeats itself, but also absorbing modern features and edges to fit in consumers’ expectations. Therefore, the suiting range is more than welcome to get into modern men’s wardrobe as they are first of all heritage inspired item, and also the modern twist on the fabric technology, the physical cuts, styles, drops and measurements.

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