Sinstar Autumn/Winter 2012 Menswear Collection: Consistent Rock ‘n’ Roll Elements With More Experienced Clothing Designs

Sinstar is loaded with so much potential from their newest released photo shots alongside the Autumn/Winter 2012 season. I have reported their Spring/Summer 2012 collection earlier in this year, focusing on their original tastes in translating rock ‘n’ roll features and ‘rebelling’ attitudes into clothing ranges. However, consistently carrying the alternative brand images, Sinstar Autumn/Winter 2012 really re-shapes their images and adopts ‘dead’ the word to emphasise the clothing design philosophy.

If you have less knowledge about the brand, you probably wound not regard this brand and their merchandising as an emerging brand, established by few guys who are not professional fashion designed trained and experienced. However, their passions in graphic designs are elaborated with their interests in punk, metal, and other related cultural tribes successfully in introducing Sinstar the brand three seasons ago. They really do achieve a lot and make a radical improvement from their merchandising season to season.

In this new released photoshots, there would be consistent symbolic rock ‘n’ roll graphics such as the upside down crosses, the crows, the skeletons, and so on to re-introduce the ‘dead threads’ theme. They are not only bold designs, but also used properly to fit in the brand image, with the contrasting colour palette. Also, it seems Sinstar starts to release how important of plain colours such as plain black and white used in their range from this season, these less complicated graphical t-shirts or studded leather jackets are just so classic and collectable with so much sophistications to say.

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