Replay Autumn/Winter 2012 Laserblast Collection: Modern Laser Treatment & Development To Cater Post-Modern Consumers’ Individuality Characteristics

Taking the Autumn/Winter 2012 denim collection further, famous Italian Denim brand Replay is carrying on their green-oriented Laserblast collection into the second season. Thanks to the modern laser technology treatment to each individual garment, the finished pieces are more experienced look with an original washed-out or worn out effect to give an extreme loose, casual and relaxed look to modern consumers’ wardrobe.

Apart from the modern laser method of developing the new products for Replay to give the edgy and artistic revolutionary look, the traditional craftsmanship works as the fundamental part to ensure the overall construction of the collection, which consists of three different fits for male consumers’ different taste and different occasion: regular fit, regular-slim fit and slim fit. Also, there will be skinny and bootcut fit you can find in women’s department.

Laserblast, a modern technology twist based on the conventional craftsmanship introduced by Replay, to save the energy and 85% of water consumption to lower impact on the production process, but to add the ‘individuality’ and ‘characteristics’ as the biggest value to their modern and post modern consumers, who are looking for something unique, something different with an extraordinary twist, with bigger caring on how the denim products have been made and how will they impact on the external environment. The Laserblast collection Autumn/Winter 2012 is now available on Replay’s official website.


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