Modern Men Autumn/Winter 2012 Style Choices (2): Single Button Blazer/Suits To Improve Relaxed Formalwear Styles

While working with Dolce & Gabbana, it’s strange to find out how great the style is and poor the sales performance is of the single button blazer. As what we say, consumers are the key part of the whole value chain, so companies have to make a production and design decision on certain style of clothes. Comparing with more conventional two buttons suits and jackets, one button ones are hard to get into some consumers’ wardrobe. That’s the reason why it’s poor to find out the performance of single button blazer.

However, for those guys who are confident about their styles, the fit between themselves and the whole fashion trends, they are surprised when they find out how single button blazers fit their fashion requirement, from the choice of more changeable and sophisticated fabrics, to the shorter length advantage to go against the conventional suiting sense. Here is the reason why there’s a great point to promote single button blazers to a group of consumers, who are normally young, stylish, confident, understand the importance of body proportion.

Speaking of the relaxed formalwear styles, SAMUEL JING men’s fashion website has to mention the importance of single button blazer. There are two reason for this argument: 1) the shorter length for helping styling a great body proportion, especially for short guys, or guys who have no confidence about their length of legs; 2) a modern or postmodern style proposal to go against the traditional two button suits, as well as gaining more style changes on the blazers’ fabric and functions. Single button blazer is a strong ground breaking voice in formal suiting market to give the opportunity to younger clients who are looking for alternatives to fit in the relaxed formalwear styles, or attending some fancy parties and gathering still with a strong fashion stylish sense.

Here above are some great examples of single button blazers that you can find on the named website from top to bottom: Carven From Mr Porter, Dolce & Gabbana From Mr Porter, Reiss From Reiss, Austin Reed From House of Fraser, Ted Baker From House of Fraser, Vivienne Westwood From Liberty London.


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