Superdry + Joseph Cheaney & Sons Footwear Collection: Heritage Brogue Construction With Detailed Superdry Inspiration

Brand collaboration is one of methods that fashion businesses, especially high street fashion businesses do, to extend their original ranges and break-through what they are capable, and also to introduce their brands to each other’s potential consumers. This year, from London Collection: Men onwards, British young fashion brand Superdry is on the rocket to showcase their possibilities in influencing young consumers’ lifestyle in an experimental way. After teaming up with famous suiting expert Timothy Everest to issue a great range of Superdry taste inspired formal and relaxed formal blazers and suits, Superdry is very proud to work with another British made heritage footwear brand Joseph Cheaney & Sons, for the purpose to complete the whole look of previous collaboration with Timothy Everest, but also brings more heritage taste to Superdry to learn from the best for future footwear under their own lines.

In this collaboration with Cheaney, there will be three different styles: brogue boot, avon shoe, and tamar boot, all with welted soles to give the powerful and young casual look that Superdry requires. The brown colour tone will set the right aged and heritage feeling that fit both Superdry and Cheaney’s brand images. Completed with real leather insole, and the down to detailed construction and decoration on the shoe itself, this collaboration including two boots and one shoes will be very versatile in terms of style and mix ‘n’ match with Superdry’ main collection appeals. Priced from £249.99 to £279.99, this range will be available in Superdry International Regent Street Store in London, and also available on the official website. More in detailed pictures about the construction, the shape, the colour and the looks for these three styles are below:

Leather footwear is one of the styles like relaxed or deconstructed blazers that young consumers would like to consider to purchase to improve their styles and looks in current days. Formalwear tends to be younger and younger, more stylish than ever, as young consumers care more and more about their images with more sophistications in public in a social group. Wearing Superdry the casualwear brand is one of the hidden language among the target audience to be ‘cool’ and ‘sociable’. It’s more than a symbol but a lifestyle image that Superdry creates to fit modern young men’s expectations.


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