Reiss Men’s Sporty Luxe Spring/Summer 2012: Adding Sporty Edgy Into Original Clean & Young Professional Relaxed Formal Looks

Being sporty and energetic could be the first impression when thinking about a young man‘s style in a conventional way. Since 2012 is the biggest year for Britain, for London, the international city, which results in the popularity of putting sporty models and celebrities over multi fashion magazine front covers. Dressing in a stylish sporty way could be a great alternative method to fit the trend, but also to break-through the formalwear black and white rules. The designer-lead premium high street fashion brand Reiss was on a campaign applying their clean with sporty transitional appeals for their consumers and give them more inspirations in gym-to-work or off-duty gentlemen looks.

The whole set of images are styled easily without too much chaos or decorative add-on, such as potential accessories or some random fashion statement. It rather keeps the true original Reiss young professionals’ fashion taste but to mix with some key piece of sporty items, such as big holdall bags for the gym, the sneaker, the cotton jersey, the short swim shorts. Therefore, a strong Reiss backbone is still found in this big and tough image task, as Reiss is branded to fit for the relaxed formalwear inspired look but highly maintain the conventional rules of playing the formalwear, just adding more contemporary fashion elements, to push the Reiss collection forward in a premium way.

The hooded jacket, the short cotton chinos shorts, the double breasted jacket, the zipped light grey top are really outstanding in this Sporty Luxe collection to make the looks easy-to-move, convenient, clean, comfortable with high quality cotton fabric.


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