H&M Autumn/Winter 2012 Menswear Collection: Days Of Autumn Filled Up With More Plain Coloured Timeless Appeals & More Than High Street Looks

With a great fashion news coming from H&M womenswear department, Lana Del Rey covering the face of Autumn/Winter 2012 collection, menswear department would be launching the Autumn/Winter 2012 as well from today by introducing quite a list of stories to the mass consumers on the high street market with a rock-bottom competitive prices.

Regardless the fabric quality used in each design, there would be quite consistent designs in this whole big collection which contains seven stories to cover the whole Autumn/Winter 2012 season: Perfect Pitch, Suave Suitor, Collegiate Cool, Mustard Manis, 1968, Easy Rider and Any Given Sunday, according to H&M official announcement. Clearly, the young client base contributes the whole fundamental theme of these 7 stories, from the perfection of bright warm mustard, blue, orange, yellow, and 1968 cropped trousers heritage styles and striped jumpers, and the prep school styles, the sporty looks, the college jumper and some other accessories.

From the looks, this collection has learnt a lot from the H&M Autumn/Winter 2012 Lookbook which I have already covered in the previous post, the high quality look from the images to improve the original high street brand perceptions from end consumers. This very collection is designed with a formalwear young adults and professionals taste, adding more young elements such as pure plain bright colours such as yellow or red to highlight the whole collection, and also to catch up with the more laid-back and more sophisticated looks that high-end brands portray.








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