From Tag To Rolex: An Ultimate Guide To The Brands You Should Be Wearing Around Your Wrist In 2012

Of course the Rolex must be given a wide mention. The Rolex watch is known worldwide, it is the most sought after watch brand. But why is the Rolex so special?

A Rolex is a watch for life – it can tick probably for longer than you will be! Rolex watches are incredibly pricey but this isn’t just because it is such a big name. The watches are made with concave diamond or ruby and the parts are all handmade – This makes it a very high quality watch, one that you can be proud to flaunt. A Rolex is made for buying just the one throughout your lifetime as opposed to purchasing a new watch every few years because yours no longer functions. The brand has been going for years with a fantastic reputation, even if you are not a watch fan you are most like to be able to associate with Rolex. With this kind of watch you simply cannot go wrong – if you’re willing to fork out the cost!

A high end watch brand that many collectors go wild for is Lange & Sohne, there is no doubt that these watches are amongst the finest in the world. It’s not hard to recognise a Lange watch as they have a rather distinctive appearance. Lange watches contain mechanical movements as opposed to quartz – the watch cases are either silver or gold. The brand has been alive for just under 200 years, there is no wonder all this hard work has now paid off to create a beautiful piece.

Tag Heuer is one of the most recognised watch brands in the world – this brand is known for making a strong come back to the world of watches having really turned its brand around, and now creating exciting and innovative watches that are amongst the most popular watches in the world. If you’re a sports fanatic then this is the brand for you, Tag Heuer has brand ambassadors amongst the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button and Steve McQueen. The watch is also endorsed by celebrities such as Leonardo Dicaprio and Cameron Diaz. A great turnaround for the watch brand has given it a new leash of life!

There are plenty of watches you may happily wear on wrist but a watch can actually be for life and an indispensable piece!


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