Dolce & Gabbana Autumn/Winter 2012 Men’s Sartorial Suiting Collection: Martini, Gold, Sicilia, Daywear & David Cut, New Collection & New Cut With Classic But Innovative Styles

Comparing the would-be closing down side young men’s fashion brand D&G, the full name Dolce & Gabbana is more about a more mature version caters the stylish men and professionals who are looking for the combination of the functional good quality, fit, style, and personal interests in believing the high end brand itself. In Dolce & Gabbana, the most critical standards that the store has to maintain is always the sartorial room where displays the most dedicated and high quality suiting items and the complimentary items, such as tie, pocket square, bow tie, shirts, trousers, formal shoes, and waistcoat and so on. In Autumn/Winter 2012 collection, there are quite a lot of updates from last Spring/Summer 2012 collection, to name a few including the most important fabrics and materials, a brand-new ‘Daywear’ collection, a brand-new cut ‘David’ cut in the shirt collection.

The Daywear collection is the first one SAMUEL JING wishes to tell about, this formalwear collection is fresh-out introduced by Dolce & Gabbana Autumn/Winter 2012, as the young fashion line D&G is out of business from this autumn onwards, and also the designers hope there will be more and more young men looking for more valuable formalwear styles after D&G is closed down. In terms of the price, Daywear collection is about two times cheaper then traditional Dolce & Gabbana suits. There are two reasons behind this: 1) the fabric is re-accessed to fit the pricing level and the functional of this collection itself ‘wearing it on the day’; 2) this collection is more young stylish thinner look with slightly soft construction because of the 47% of wool, for young male consumers who are stylish in creating formal-inspired urban looks and the jeans with formal blazer looks. Consumers would be able to recognise the Daywear collection by seeing a ‘Red V’ ribbon inside the blazer.

Moving onto ‘David‘ fit shirt, this is the first time for year that Dolce & Gabbana introduces this new shirt fit, to develop further on muscular men who go gym a lot with strong arm part muscles, but with a very slim waist part, just like Mr. David Gandy’s body shape. The name ‘David’ is actually from David Gandy, who one time was doing a fitting with the designers. The slim cut ‘Gold’ shirt and the straight cut ‘Martini‘ shirt could not fit Gandy’s body, so the designer has to introduce this new collection to fit this part of population who loves the value of being Dolce & Gabbana.

Also, maintaining the classic sartorial Straight-cut ‘Martini’ Suit, the Slim-cut ‘Gold’ Suit, and Skinny-Stylish-cut ‘Sicilia’ Suit, it’s interesting to notice the designers tend to pay more attention on Martini shape and the Sicilia shape to give more distinctive differences when people try the suits on. Although in Autumn/Winter Martini shape becomes slightly slimmer similar to Gold suit depending on consumers’ body shape, more interestingly consumers have more choices on Sicila single blazers with wide and big Lapel, Sicila tuxedo single one button and double-breasted blazer with dots on, and more Sicilia choices.

There’re always something updated in each season, but in Autumn/Winter, during to the big success on designer’s fashion show, consumers have a very high expectation on Ready-To-Wear, Gym Collection and Sartorial Suiting in the whole collection. Therefore, Dolce & Gabbana has to develop more in-theme sophisticated materials and fabrics to deliver a similar cultured with heritage elegance looks by using more shining silk, velvet, special woven wool and patterns in each design to make every piece stands out.

In addition, the heavy outerwear is also one of the must-heave pieces in this Autumn/Winter 2012 collection with strips or fur collar details, plus the Sicilia large wide Lapel. More event-wise strips, casual checked wool trousers, tuxedo shirts, ties and bow ties and pocket squares and scarves (silky, wool, patterns, polka dots, with different colours), and single black or gold coloured velvet blazers, a great selection of formalwear more pointed shoes, velvet detailed evening shoes to complete the whole collection.


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