Dolce & Gabbana Autumn/Winter 2012 Men’s Gym & Sportswear Collection: Consistently Improving Classic Relaxed Shape, Combining D&G Designs, Mixing & Matching With Fashion Collection

Relaxed gym collection or sportswear collection every season in Dolce & Gabbana has turned a great result comparing other collections such as sartorial suiting and casual urban fashion collections. Easygoing, relaxed, and easy-to-care has contributed to help consumers make a decision choosing sportswear as the alternative way to get into Dolce & Gabbana’s fashion world. Comparing with other collections, gymwear collection also has massive pricing advantage because of the differences in the fabric features, sourcing channels, and production places and the quantity of potential consumers’ purchases. In Autumn/Winter 2012, Dolce & Gabbana has approved the upcoming darkened coloured tone and maintaining the classic shape to make consumers feel comfortable and warm to fit the autumn and winter theme, among the merchandising such as T-shirt, hoodies, tracksuits, pants, sneakers, outerwear, accessories, and so on.

The most famous item throughout seasons could be the classic plain coloured short sleeve s T-shirt (V-neck, round neck) or Polo shirt with the Dolce & Gabbana’s metal printed logo plate. In this season, the plate has changed into silver colour but added with leather frame to make the look more expensive and sophisticated. Also, coming with classic black and grey colour will make the piece even more timeless and worthwhile for a lot of consumers to purchase. In addition, Long sleeves version of this style is also available. Also, there will be hoodies, zip-up hoodies, jackets in this styles to complete the whole look.

Other styles changed for this Autumn/Winter 2012 season, you will see the denim colour and texture inspired ‘G.Y.M’ collection, with written letters prints; the CocaCola prints with Disney Figures in order to transfer D&G’s young clients back to Dolce & Gabbana; the classic ‘ITALIA’ theme with strips, ‘Sport’ theme and the ‘Boxer’ theme. Also, in this season, Boxer Tyson is introduced on printed T-shirts for gymwear collection to replace Spring/Summer 2012 season’s Muhammad Ali.

The slightly darkened colour no matter is the grey or black, or even colourful colours such as pink, purple, orange, green, there will be some degree black element mixed into it, in order to make the look calm down for the cold weather collection. Therefore, there will be quite a lot of colourful outerwear with or without hood, Nylon jackets, velvet detailed sneakers replacing the nylon surface in last season, military prints and classic sneakers and runners. About the sneakers in this season, you will find the Dolce & Gabbana printed metal plate is becoming smaller and smaller, to teach consumers to understand what’s the real Dolce & Gabbana design: it’s not the letters names printed on the shoes, it’s more about the shape, the construction, the design, the differences from other brands.

However, gym sportswear collection in this year is not only to cope with consumers’ need in working out; they are more versatile in terms of putting different items and mix match with other collections to construct a brand-new look. For example, the fashionable grey and beige colours for Autumn/Winter 2012, you will find the more fitted T-shirt, and relaxed thigh part of tracksuits with tight end, styled with grey chunky knitwear socks and sneakers. The look is really modern, relaxed sharp with a proper structure, very classic Dolce & Gabbana.


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