MINI Lifestyle Collection & BMW Lifestyle Collection Timepieces: Extending Original Designs With More Lifestyle Individualities & Styles

Following the hits of introducing Union Jack inspired lifestyle collection merchandising, together with the original British style of creativity and individuality, MINI carries on to introduce more stylish items to replenish their shelves of lifestyle collection. SAMUEL JING has already featured the Union Jack print timepiece in previous post, today with the topic of watches, MINI has other two different styles for clients to choose from:

These first two watches in the Gallery are designed with a similar philosophy in term of extending the original MINI transportation design ideas to their supplementary lifestyle lines, that you could see the combinations of MINI featured items carrying classic contrast of dark colours and bright colours to represent the individuality and the sense of different styles. Technically, the watches are design with a slightly square shape and a round shape, but driven by quartz mechanism, and styled with different texturised black leather strap, in an affordable price via the official MINI lifestyle collection website.

Similarly, BMW, another famous car brand under the same group of MINI, also issue their own lifestyle collection, the last seven watches in the Gallery. Considering the clean and chic images that BMW cars give the impressions to consumers, the lifestyle collection aims to provide a full range of merchandising to enrich BMW clients’ daily experience on the brand. Different from MINI’s creativity on their Timepieces, BMW choose to maintain the clean look with more elegance in watch designs: black and white/silver the colour pattern, the combination of leather and stainless straps for different occasions, sports watch, or daywear watch, or even nightwear watch. In addition, these watches are driven by quartz mechanism, which will lower the price range for the collection via the official website.

The skills of brand extension used by vary brands regardless the industry of fashion and lifestyle, this method could actually enhance the brand community and improve the brand image in a full picture. Caring about every detail of clients’ experience is one of the key marketing and branding notion that companies to consider, with the help of brand extension, the right positive brand extension especially, the brand could get more and more interesting and have more to talk about for their consumers.


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