SAMUEL JING at Dolce & Gabbana Work Diary (2): On-Duty Work In Person & Off-Duty Concerns In Dreams

Hi All, if you stay with SAMUEL JING men’s fashion blog for a while already, you’re probably wondering what I’m doing usually at the end of each weeks, especially from Thursday to Sunday, becuase of the absence of not posting anything or even changing the status of my English Twitter or Chinese Weibo, and so on. Well, working as part-timer with Dolce & Gabbana is not simply a fancy title at all if you must know how much work I have to force myself to commit to the job than I expected. In sprite of physical contribution and mentally concentration, I would like to take this job even further to sort of blur the balance of my work and life. To be honest, I have dreams every night and worries every day about me working hard and trying to please customers. However, I don’t want to ruin the chance in working with this amazing brand from own experience. As I know assumptions behind people’s back are the death killers of any purely innocent statement, especially when you are in a fresh position without prior working experience in an office.

Maybe it’s imposition for me to talk about anything related work/life balance, for one I don’t really have much experience in working for others in a group, for two I would devote myself to work if I’m with one in a project. However, being a freshman in the office, a little of bit blue collar talk and thoughtful feedback is possibly acceptable anyhow. I am sure not everyone in the world, especially the younger generation will believe a job in fashion is not that fancy at all. It actually requires quite a lot of responsibilities, physical work, also the un-coded policy of keeping yourself in shape all the time. Well, if your title is not a rich fashion consumer or a celebrity who walk into the store with over-decorated accessories or over-used perfumes, you probably have to reconsider your career path and kill this ‘baby dream’ before you even try to get pregnant. Also, remember, the Moët Champagne is always for customers, for employee mostly only cold tape water from tiny kitchen (one of the only-not-decorated part in the business), or sometimes if you would like to have machine made coffee, sorry, 50p.

However, I have to make myself clear, I love and enjoy every part of my job with the brand to conclude the point, if you are looking for any utterly dirty words on how I hate it, please go away. Not because I am working for others in a big organisation, I should not be a human being without any emotional feeling, if you are familiar with my story or know me just a little bit in depth, please revisit my Story page of my blog. Being a writer or an artist, according someone who knows this quotation from, probably it’s sometimes to be good to step back or stay outside of situation to observe what’s going on in the social group, in order to draw some sparkling inspirations and show off some techniques in words manipulation. I would not say I totally fit in the group of the crew at the moment, I just need some time to prove someone worthwhile that I am a nice warm-hearted gentleman who cares and respects people around, not because of my regular appearance cut-off as a part-timer, or not just because of some labels I have been carrying for years, such as ‘outsider’ in terms of personal characteristics and native communication skills, ‘foreigner’ in terms of language and culture or what’s related. Well, this is really worthy another post for me to talk more in detail what’s the meaning and the importance of being ‘cool’ in such social norms. Stay tuned.


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