H&M Spring/Summer 2012 Conscious Men’s Collection: High Dedication In Fashion Ethics Through Light Coloured Men’s Fashion Trends

Launching on April 12th today, H&M finally delivers this amazing Spring/Summer 2012 Conscious collection. Including womenswear and menswear, this conscious collection is promoted with a better fabric and material source, to bring up more deeper meaning of fashion styles in a sustainable way. Different from previous Conscious seasons, this season for menswear, modelled by Mathias Lauridsen and  RJ Rogenski, involves more bright colours and different constructions in a more tailored presentation. With the style help from colour blocking and highlighting, this SS12 Conscious collection shows H&M’s intention in using higher quality fabric with more dedication in producing these designs. Personally, I highly recommend the light green/blue coloured short and the dark brown leather shoes with light brown base.

It’s hard to ignore a brand for a long time, especially the brand is high valued with enormous amount of exposure under the eyes of press and media. H&M with its reputation as an example of fast fashion business, this brand relies on their advanced fashion marketing skills to grab a massive market to bring high end fashion elements to mass consumers. Even though the concerns of fabric quality, the fair trade policy, the ethics in producing these up-to-date fashion garments, H&M is still a hottest brand which caters enormous amount of consumers’ wardrobes in the market. Speaking of surrounded policies and concerns of a fashion business, it’s also hard to deny what they have done, especially fast fashion brands who produce too many clothes in very cheap price, spoil our consumers who have more disposable money to over consume and throw away those clothes.

Fashion or trends have taught consumers sometimes in a negative way, especially some consumers who are tied down with their materialism minds to compete each other about the numbers of clothes they own. Emotional buying is the biggest part in fashion consumers buying behaviour; however, this makes a lot of people sick as they regard clothes as functional cloth to protect you from cold and warm. It’s not easy to be not critical about this conclusion in fashion buying behaviours, there’s nothing absolute right or wrong. For example, what do you think of the ‘Conscious’ collection with a mission in spreading the sustainability ideas in fashion business. In order to get our environment protected, with less litters from fast fashion trashes, H&M of course has the responsibility to influence their consumers to be aware the importance of sustainability. However, let’s think in another way, why don’t H&M make the sustainability from very beginning of their business, other than just label special collection as ‘Conscious‘ as a marketing manipulation method to grab more money from consumers.


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