COLLECTIVE x Bob Carlos Clarke Capsule Collection: Respects To Ethical Fashion Businesses & Legendary British Photographer

Starting few years ago with an ethical consideration in the whole supply chain from cotton grown to fabric stitching, COLLECTIVE is a timeless organic T-shirt brand with simple aesthetic core design philosophy to largely collaborate different genius minds in the history to reinforce the concerns and the importance of certain issues, alongside maintaining their brand image in taking responsibilities in environmental and ethical designing, manufacturing, delivering, and other critical players in the supply chain of generic fashion businesses. With respects to the legendary British Photographer, Bob Carlos Clarke, was highly active in art and design industry with his unique aspect of photographical printmaking understanding, COLLECTIVE works with the Little Black Gallery (a London-based boutique photography gallery, also home for Bob Carlos Clarke Foundation) and has re-present Bob’s work via the classic T-shirt instrument to voice the deeper respects in Bob’s unique vision in how seductive beauty in human shaping the art form, and how it impact human in the vice versa method.


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