Back To The Relationship Between SAMUELJING & Fashion: Struggled Boundary, Justice & Politeness

Writing a men’s fashion blog extended from a personal story sounds not that interesting to you, but for me as the writer of this fashion blog is a very big challenge for myself to expose my own views from inner heart to the world, where I cannot control who will read and judge what I wrote.

If I have to label myself, I won’t say I am a capable person who can do anything he can do only if he wants to do it. I will label myself a naive inexperienced person who don’t know and don’t want to know either about how the words spoken from the mouth will change the world, why people would like to play the game of being sociable or being cool, why people would like to show off how much power they have to bully people underneath the hierarchy, or why some people will always think how great they are to force people to do whatever they think is right.

I wish to be an artist, or at least the situation in my dream that an artist has what he believes and live without boundaries. Being boxed is not a very pleasant thing to think, but the problem is when people in the box, they will not think they are in it, only if you throw them out, they will start to realise they have sold their body and soul to the constrained system. It’s not the time for pity, it’s not harsh at all to laugh at the world they dreamed, they contributed, they believed is not existing, is not feasible, is not what has promised. Sometimes this sort of people make me sick, because even though the world you were talking about is existing, you are only just a number, hard to get your voice heard, it’s even impossible to live as the way you would like.

We all have limited time to do things, to achieve goals, to meet people around. But people are human beings, who are more than basic animals only know eat and sleep, people have potentials, have unlimited possibilities to make things happen. It’s like what they say about fashion trends: one day you are in, the next day you are out. So you will never know maybe one unnecessary person could change the way you live, in a positive way, or even in a negative way. To treat nicely and patiently to the people around you is not something hard to do, politeness and justice could help in this situation to understand this unlimited potentials and this limited time.

This content seems irrelevant to men’s fashion, but it does I need to tell you in terms of why we purchase fashion appeals or garments. We all love fashion, love beautiful clothes, but for what? We all know to make yourself look good, to fit the part you are playing, to make sure everything positive will happen. But deep inside who will consider people need fashion and clothes to pave their way everyday in order to get out of house, to put a mask on their faces, to pretend who they wish to be, to hide what they don’t want other people to see, or to heal themselves’ emotions. Fashion is both a social process and result that allows every individual to share one piece in a different approach, but think, what does the fashion mean to you? Is it only the clothes, or is it with more deeper meanings to you specifically?


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