Tokyo Flash Watch Timepiece: Iconic Individual For Post-Modern Consumers With An Attitude

Being individual with a cutting edge taste about things you like is quite hard if you don’t push yourself hard to embrace new things around. Sometimes it won’t be individual enough to walk with your style in front of the groups who are good at how to style, for example, yesterday the London Fashion Week last day Menswear Day. It was totally crazy for me according to my experience. It seems everyone is doing their trick, dressing like over decorated peacock, talking in a over high pitched voice, and looking for random cameras and pointing out how many celebrities they know in front their friends. Well, without judgement, I admire everyone’s braveness in showing off what they are capable of to be honest. For me, I would like to dress properly and try to find a deeper meaning of how fashion and styles influence our daily life, and how those outerwear decorative items impact our inner personalities and characteristics. Today in this post, I would like to show more respect about post-modernity generated from years’ consumers buying behaviours from world-renowned academics in the field, through an iconic timepiece Tokyo Flash Watch Timepiece that allows you to code your way to recognise the time and being ‘talked about‘ among your social groups.

Tokyo Flash is sort of products coming from the technology based city Tokyo where full with abundant amount of fashion styles and cutting edge waves in terms of new gadgets and stuff. Tokyo Flash watch range updates their consumers with new movements to break through the old fashioned hands watches and digital watched. You cannot see numbers on the watch, the only to tell is to decode the LCD lighting and special patterns that means something to the watch owner. With limited edition of each design, these stylish individual watches have been really popular back to Tokyo and got into a number of celebrities’ purchasing lists. The one I have got is this silver metallic one with green LCD lighting around the panel, to see other designs of Tokyo Flash Watch, please go to their website. Adapted into the post-modern theory, this timepiece is kind of designed for you, the only person who knows how to be different from people around and how to make a decision to support what you would like to purchase.

Post-modernity in my pervious post, I have mentioned many times it is sort of theory around how knowledge and how technology that consumers obtain themselves to change their buying behaviours and how they appreciate things they come across. For example, everyone nowadays could be an expert in telling a new story, something that you might not even associated with in your pervious life, one simple solution, just go on Google, or Wikipedia, you will find basically everything you need to know before you make a final decision on a purchase. In the world of fashion, some people will think it’s quite superficial materialism that deter the inner thinking of spiritual lifestyle; this is not absolutely true for a group of people who try to figure out how to express their differences and their capabilities to convince people that they are confidence enough to hide and to yield who they really are, for the purpose of an exchange of one night glory by dressing the perfect clothes in a right shape with perfect amount of accessories.


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