Swatch ‘China Blue’ Watch for the Year of Dragon: Should It Be Red or ‘China Red’?

On a dinner party during Christmas period I was asked about a question around young men’s watch, at that moment, all my mind was around why young men should have a watch, which normally are quite expensive and you’re probably not going to change it to follow the fashion trends, especially quite a lot of watch retailers label some watches are made for fashion events. As a normal young man, probably most of spending are on food, going out, drinking, gaming, buying gifts, and possible fashion shopping trips. However, buying watch is bit quite unique but the same time very necessary for those guys who would like to express their fashion sense on what their accessories. What we think of watches for young man is probably more funky, eye-catching, styling as an accessory to work with your clothes, in terms of colour, shape, the material and so on, and more important is normally the questioning reflection from most aged professional guys who cannot understand why young generation choose to fasten their wrists with those crazy colourful things.

In this post, I would like to hold a debate about those colourful watches available for young men in the market. I wish to gain some understanding about the reasons why young men would like to purchase these items, and how they style them in an unique method. I will take Swatch this Swiss made watch empire to express my feeling on colourful sporty watches target on young ‘cool’ generations. Swatch probably is a brand or a group name with a lot of world class famous watch and jewellery brands under its banner, including Breguet, Tiffany & Co. those luxury and prestige ranges. Swatch as a basic range of course are labelled with basic cheaper price for their younger consumers. In terms of the design of Swatch watches, they are normally with bold pure vivid bright colours with more plastic technology material; they are also simple structured with a modern chic look with a simple function. People might just buy Swatch for the brand identity, the bright colour, the cheaper price with a higher quality as its strong background as a swiss watch maker. The ranges of colours are perfectly to cater the purpose of young generations who are like to changes their styles and looks in needs. Also, colours are really popular and necessary in this upcoming Spring/Summer 2012 collection, so you cannot really miss watches from Swatch brand.

In addition, in order to celebrate the Year of Dragon, the Chinese New Year event, Swatch has released a limited edition the Dragon watch, featuring the story of Chinese animal signs, for the purpose of meeting the popularity of Chinese consumers and responding the needs to work with Chinese consumers for the future business growth. However, the colour ‘Blue’ is actually quite hard for me to recommend for the purpose of promoting Chinese New Year, what do you think? Just because of the stereotype understanding of ‘china blue’ with a historical reason making blue coloured and blue patterned vase? Why don’t Swatch choose red colour with a dragon on it, it would be much more successful in my opinion. If you are interested for UK readers, please redirect to here for this £41.50 watch; for US readers, please go to here for this $65 blue dragon watch.

So what do you think about the young generation’s bold bright coloured watches? Or which type of watch you like to have, a historic and classic timepiece or stylish swatch coloured watches?


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