SAMUELJING Dailywear Project (7): Summer Relaxed Formal Look With Light Colours and Light Fabrics For Urban Young Men

Exciting things always happen these days, for example, tomorrow I will be on my way to see one of the most talented menswear designer’s fashion show on London Fashion Week. I am sure I will be posting quite a lot of pictures with a great review on the show the day after tomorrow. Also, these day one of my little Daliywear Project is about to finish with today’s last men’s summer relaxed formal look with a nice structured and light blue coloured Christian Lacroix Homme SS12 summer blazer in very comfortable light weight fabrics, and styled with that soft Christian Lacroix Homme SS12 trousers with slight stripes on the fabrics. This summer look is great with its light colours, the light weight fabrics, and more relaxed causal to make you stand out very easily.

The pink coloured Humör shirt with one tribal patterned pocket on one side of chest I have talked about in my last post Daliywear (6), is to support the light colour and the trends of bright colours in menswear of this spring summer. I really like that summer blazer, regardless the amazing colour, it’s quite rare to find a blazer with such a good structure with three buttons and a small sized collar to yield the strong masculine from what you are wearing, but to add on a little bit soft and relaxing.

I have enclosed two runway pictures of Christian Lacroix Homme Spring/Summer 2012 on Pairs Fashion Week, to let you have a good at this summer blazer and that nice cut trousers. Also the fashion show video is another great way to understand the whole picture behind Christian Lacroix Homme menswear collection.

So what do you think of this outfit for the last look in my little Dailywear Project? Thank you.


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