[Updated] David Beckham Bodywear x H&M: London Promotion Pictuers, Ads & Behind The Scene Pictures & Videos

Another H&M’s collaboration? H&M X David Beckham Bodywear Line 2012 Feb: H&M is going to form a long-term relationship to promote David Beckham’s Bodywear Line. With months and years’ designs and production, the final products will be available over 40 countries in 1800 H&M stores during 2012 February Valentine’s period.”

In order to update my previous post with coverage and marketing arguments on this H&M’s celebrity collaboration and David Beckham’s bodywear, I have kept my eyes on this event very closely. With months developments, David Beckham’s bodywear is about ready to showcase for mass consumers, with a price starting from around 7 pounds, you could actually get a nice-looking celebrity designed underwear on your hands, plus, from one of the most sexiest person on planet: David Beckham, that sounds could be the hottest thing to do at least in this coming February 2012. With days approaching the launch date, there are more and more relevancy coming out of water, such as the Giant Promotion Pictures, the commercial advertisement, and much more exiting behind the scene videos.

With the black and white filming effect, David Beckham is much more sexier in that white short, with all the mysterious tattoos on his body, his smile is always that attractive.

Here above is a behind the scene from Youtube, and below are some behind the scene pictures from GQ.com, and some early promotion before the actual launch, with giant pictures landed everywhere in London, I bet everyone around could notice what’s going on, not sure if alien could say those giant adverts from the sky; this whole move makes this David Beckham’s bodywear Launch event is more and more stunning and glories, plus updates on 1st Feb the in-store launch on Regent Street, and followed by a tailored pop-up cocktail party with Jessica Ennis, Emma Bunton, and Bianca Jagger sharing every piece of joy from David Beckham:


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