[Updated] Another H&M’s collaboration? H&M X David Beckham Bodywear Line 2012 Feb

H&M has really been one of the most active fashion brands to occupy my blog topic; its unpredictable fashion moves or fashion collaborations with the biggest names in the fashion world always create quite a lot of excitement for its consumers, who would like to queue up in front of the door in the cold for the product launch, for example the event of Versace. Recent H&M’s news about the collaboration with another Spring/Summer 2012 collection with another Italian fashion label Marni seems works fine for the purpose of pushing the product development in a positive way. Without bringing Marni’s iconic clean cut collection into the market, the rumour back in last year turns out to be true that H&M is going to form a long-term relationship to promote David Beckham’s Bodywear Line. With months and years’ designs and production, the final products will be available over 40 countries in 1800 H&M stores during 2012 February Valentine’s period.

Is it an opportunity for both parties: David Beckham and H&M, on respective development in a long-term? The answer is quite obvious that it is a win-win situation that H&M could borrow David Beckham’s multi-power in influential celebrity endorsement, fashion icon, and masculine footballer to reach multi-level of consumers over countries and countries. Also, we have to admit that the sexy brief and shorts bodywear advertisements David Beckham did for other big brands have left quite impressive impression on target consumers. For David Beckham, according to his business partner: Simon Fuller, who informs us that this establishment of David’s Bodywear line business is an significant turning point for David himself the evolution from an world-renown footballer to an entrepreneur. I am sure David Beckham will be delight to accept H&M could be one of his distribution channels to communicate with mass consumers, because in terms of the customer base and the pricing advantage of H&M, this really secures David’s plan in his next part of his life as a full-time fashion icon and businessman in promoting himself the brand image. With previous knowledge of his branded fragrance for men and this year’s bodywear line, I guess David Beckham is going somewhere else with width and depth in men’s fashion world to present more fashion collaborations or independent self-branded products in the future.

So what do you say, are you interested in this David Beckham’s Bodywear Line? Will you buy David Beckham’s underwear range? The first style of his range so far revealed in this given advert with himself in it certain look alright, stylish and safe, with David’s sexy and well-build body in it, that’s reassuring, so it will be ok to give it a try I guess haha. The following are the selected real products images, which have a good range of presentation from boxer, briefs, vests to long johns with very simple clean cut and styles in order to fit majority of men’s fashion taste. This range is simply awesome enough to be high ranked in terms of designs and the prices on it, especially for those great funs from David Beckham.


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