Lanvin menswear Autumn/Winter 2012: Modernised Heritage With A Mix Of Colours And Structures

Being dramatic and being chic is sometimes contradicted to each other, especially when you try to look out there in a camera-ready outfit, you might fall into a dilemma of either picking up some colours with some odd-designed clothes or just wearing some clean cut with a colour highlighting; however, it seems always not hard for Lanvin, the French high-end fashion brand, who is a specialist to ease your worries on this dilemma by offering you a well-designed Autumn/Winter 2012 menswear collection, which is full of vivid colours and a range of structures to dress you out there in an elegant way.

After seeing all the photos from the runway, it is easy to notice that this upcoming Autumn/Winter 2012 season for Lanvin is all about punchy structures and colours to demonstrate a modernised heritage look for the purpose of catering the emerging menswear fashion market, and where male consumers are pulling more dramatic designs and more outstanding looks from fashion designers. Maybe it is not necessary to explain again about what is modernised heritage, as this fashion design theory has been around for more than one year already using in no matter menswear or womenswear. Lanvin obviously in this season borrowed the high waist-line trousers and the open-up trousers in last century in order to restructure modern men’s body shape and improve your body proportion. The high waist-line gives you an overall longer leg, and with the function of open-up trousers end could give you more motions when you walk, meanwhile this structure could make you look thinner.

However, in this collection, there are still narrowed leg trousers designs for the purpose of constructing the funnel structure, if you have read my other posts, you will understand how this structure popular is and how it helps men to build more masculinity and elegancy in a big scale. Styling with Lanvin’s dramatic overcoat designs, which present a good range of formalwear, biker style, military, leather and classic, and Lanvin’s sporty high-top footwear in this collection is a pleasant combination for the style of funnel indeed. In terms of the overcoat designs, Lanvin has played quite a lot of tricks on the shoulder part, you can find the sharp higher detailed shoulder, the unstructured shoulder, or even using fur to highlight the shoulder part to draw people’s attention to your shoulder part. With mixture of historical menswear fabric such as tweet or cotton with a laid-back feeling, and modern technological fabric, for example the shining leather strips, patches, and the shoes, Lanvin again has considered in a depth sight on its structure and the overall look.

Speaking of Lanvin, I have to talk about the colour, which is Lanvin’s expertise, or what we can say, it is the competitive selling point for Lanvin to differentiate itself from other high-end fashion retailers in the market. As we know, today’s mens buying behaviour in a very extreme situation, which part of men are crazy about what they look like as early adopters, but there are quite a lot of men still hold the traditional masculine understanding to judge themeless and other men’s dressing code. Lanvin is a smart brand in terms of colours, they has very safe darker traditional colours like black, white, brown or blue for part of men, they still have vivid colours or using the effect of colour blocking or highlighting to cater the other part of men population.

The collection presents a very interesting understanding that fashion for men could be dramatic, can be chic, also can be sophisticated in a mix and match method. Looking at these styles from Lanvin, you can find a lot of different elements to construct the whole collection, the suit-up structure from formal wear and the loosing-up relaxing from the sportswear.



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