[Updated] Colour and texture: Be a River Island man in SS12

After entering River Island‘s press showroom’s door today, the first thought I have in my mind is I wish to take off all my clothes to put on these lovely new collections River Island Spring/Summer 2012. It is always to be young and upsetting, and it is always to be very outstanding if you could work with your colours: to select the right colour for young men in British market is very challenging and exciting the same time. I am sure this time, River Island SS12 menswear has totally get what it takes to blow the audience with their seven different collections (Homespun, Overdye, Sandbanks, Hampton, Colourfield, Club Tropicana, and Casino) with different concepts and focus on the selections of colours and fabrics; but overall, all seven works together to deliver you a great River Island experience.

Here I am presenting you an overall look photo for today’s press showroom, and I am sure you will be really excited about what River Island is going to bring you for next season. So let’s get on with the first picture now:
There are more pictured I have updated today with more in-depth run-though the whole collections. I almost like every piece of the whole collections, but especially, I have to say my favourite collection is the light pink collection (NO.4 picture below), it really shares one slice of style of being myself, light weight, light bright colour with nice feel texture, very simple and clean structure, a feel of bit high-end. About the shoes, I wish to get two pairs (one is labelled with Holloway Rd, another one is the picture above the first shoes.) Also, the accessories, like belts made from ropes and leather end is just simply amazing, really delivers consistent spring/summer look from River Island, really relaxing and eye-catching. At last, I really wish I could know more people in the press day, then I could take more pictures about other people and their styles, but I will try next time.

So what do you think of this whole collection, which piece of clothes you like the most, let me know in the comments, I would like to share my excitements with you about this wonderful River Island SS12 menswear. I will be a River Island man for sure next season.

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