Who is that guy?!

This cold summer is about to end, but before that Samuel was coming back from Beijing, the city he always loves, and the city where stores his most happiest and enjoyable memories and moments. Samuel said he is a independent guy at his age of 19 leaving his original motherland coming to a new country; he planned to meet new people, wished to make new friends, and hope to have a great time. But he updated me lately that it was not that easy like he planned before he decided to take this journey.

The first day when he arrived was shocking. He behaved like a child that he didn’t know anything apart from wondering around trying to locate the person who promised to pick him up from the airport. He has waited, waited, he called, he called, but at last he chose to go to the city he planned to go himself, like he usually did. After he arrived at the city in a coach at late night, he was so scared that he had no idea what will happen as he was surrounded by drunken students who were shouting at each other in the city centre. He was so scared that he did not know how to cope, but to jump on a cold taxi to drive him to the accommodation.

He locked himself in the room tightly, he was afraid something would really happen to him in this late night alone in this new country. He started to miss every smiling faces back home, back to the place he loved. In his dream at his first night, he turned into an invisible person, he was like a ghost that no one could see him, could care about him. Then he realised he was so lonely, he was so hurt.

With the bright sunshine, Samuel was thinking whether he should get ready for his first ever day in this new place. He was still scared that he might not fit in; he could not even look at himself in the mirror. He was worrying about what he would wear for this new day, so he chose to sit near the big wardrobe quietly, try to forget his way of dressing, he wanted to be a normal guy next door to avoid other people’s attention.

Previously, Samuel was an outstanding guy with a great sense on fashion; he was proved by his friends to be the most fashionable guy in the house. But he thought that was not right, he did not want to be labelled with any term by any one. He just wanted to be himself, to dress the way he liked. People said he likes clothes from Burberry Prorsum collection designed by Christopher Bailey. Samuel enjoys the shape that Burberry represent, its British cut, and the vivid colour in Menswear to cover his dark lonely heart. He said the Burberry’s raindrop advertisements recalls himself walking in the rain to breath the fresh air, the smell of earth and grass, to experience the feeling of dancing alone without anyone watching.

Samuel chose to dress himself at last in a pair of skinny trousers, a pair of black formal shoes with a coloured skinny jumper for the first day. Also, he brought his single shoulder bag which has already been with him for 3 years seeing enough his life. But at the moment he pushed the front door and walked out the room, a voice deep inside his heart saying to him he should regret, really regret coming to this place hurting himself.

He ran back to his room, and locked himself again, really tightly, and the house was really quiet, deadly quiet.


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