Rock n Roll AAA from TOPMAN

When you read the story of SAMUEL JING, you probably will think about how sad the boy he is or you will feel pity about his circumstances, like away from his family and friends, coming to a new country living alone. However there are still some stories about him that he could not reveal in a short time to me. He told he loves the way he is, he does not want to pretend someone he is not; he won’t pretend he is happy in front of people for the sake of being sociable. But what’s wrong with that?! I really think he is a really brave person to be independent and have his own thought. We already know he treats himself quite miserably like don’t eat properly, quite scared of strange unexpected surrounding, behave like a teenage with problems, but that’s way who he is, isn’t it? At least he loves clothes, he enjoys to expresses his feelings and emotions through what he wears.

Speaking of personality extension, I remember he said he loves the range of ‘AAA’ under the banner of TOPMAN in the UK, looks bit rock n roll, bit dark, bit Samuel, what do you think? This really makes sense right now; the idea of AAA reflects the way he lives, the way he enjoys. So I decide to take a look at this range again to find some pieces that Samuel might like, because I miss him a lot, his style of dressing.

This new range, you probably find Black and White colours are everywhere, in every piece I think. In terms of details, I like the idea of texturing the fabric to make the the clothes presented blow look thinner bit see-through with uneven waving structure, of course using a same patterned snood makes this whole black themed outfit not too plain. It points the trend of using sophisticated layer structured fabrics and different types of accessories including the necklace to look stronger, more sophisticated, also the clothes look more than from high street in this Autumn and Winter season. I really do think Samuel will love this piece, which is exactly what he likes wear to tell people he is not just that simple sad guy wearing plain black all the time.

This next outfit is always found in Samuel’s wardrobe, the stylish blazer with a low V neck white shirt, the fabric used for this shirt is amazing, looks really soft and well made. It does not really feel like every other daily shirt produced with some tough materials. This one really softens the tough rock n roll look of the semi-structured blazer, it provides a great balance between the two to reveal the personality of the wearer, like Samuel maybe, he hopes to send a signal of being a tough guy but with a nice warm heart. However, the low V neck and sparking details on the shirt and blazer are not really giving this outfit the benefit of daily wearing, maybe Samuel will wear it, I do believe so. It feels a bit dinner, club, events, or at somewhere relaxed formal, I love this shirt anyway.

Then, it is quite interesting that Mr. Marc Hare’s shoes collection for new AAA range that you can find now on its website, and an article on here (the Last Style of Defense) to tell you the whole story on this collection. However, from what I can remember the style of Samuel, he loved the trainer just like this one blow, black main colour with white base, and with some shining leather for the decoration, it really works great with black skinny trousers, make your legs look longer. He also love the other formal shoes like Mr Hare created, but prefer some not that shining pairs, because in his world shining only accounts 1%, the other 99% are tough memories.

Ok, AAA always delivers a constant experience of its original design philosophy, its outcomes are always different and remarkable, comparing with Topman’s regular trendy lines. AAA is not following major trends in the men’s fashion market but creates some different deeply emotions and strong personality associations for a particular type of wearers. It only fits a certain types of people, I believe Samuel is one of them. Also, if you love Topman’s clothes and but not really enjoy the feeling of sharing trendy styles like everyone else you can see on the street (everyone looks the same in their Topman Chinos, really, even the same colour), you should go with Topman’s higher ranges, for example AAA.

So, have you already owned AAA clothes or are you planning to get one of these? That will be really nice if you could let me know, we can share some experiences.


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