His first day: lost in his heart

How were you Samuel, were you doing alright there under the desperate climate in your new city? I heard there were countless raindrops every day just similar to the feeling you were around with me.

Samuel said his first day there in the new place was too overwhelming; he was so scared that he did not understand the reason why that person did not show up at the airport. Surely he was impacted so much about this first ever promise in this new place. He turned off the lights in his small bedroom, which only furnished with a single bed, a white tall build-in wardrobe, a simple brown desk, a metal chair, and a lamp lying on the old carpeted floor. He tried to make some food for himself but he still locked him in the room sitting on the bed until he fell asleep.

It seems Samuel had treated fashion as his biggest motivation of living, he wished to use the outfits he was wearing to express his heart to his friends, sometimes it is just too dark to understand why he liked the colour black, why he worn skinny formal trousers to draw his over-skinny body shape. He told his friends he had problems on eating, really irregular, his friends dragged him every day when they were around to the local restaurants to tell him to eat properly and let him know that he should not care too much about eating in front of people.

When he thought about this in his dream in his dark room, he suddenly woke up and realised that he needed to find some confidence to live like a real person, he should live like others like his friends having a smile all the time. He got off the bed and walked to the wardrobe, he had more concerns about choosing his clothes from mostly dark colours. This reminded him again of his previous depressing days when he was with himself and following future days living alone in this lonely place. He chose Burberry Prorsum again just like he chose few hours ago.

He said he liked the combination of Burberry and Acoustic, they have good collection of local music across the UK to represent his feelings to make him relaxed on the street when there were too many people around. He usually plugged an earphone in his ears to keep himself in his own world walking alone, he enjoyed it, he had more confidence in it, he wished some day he could write some songs, play guitar, to sing it out his feelings not only through wearing different fashion items.

He walked out the room after that, I am not sure if he enjoyed his evening walk, but at least he tired, he did push himself outside with people around. I am proud of him sometimes, because he is so strong to live with his own heart, his way of expressing his feeling on his wearing.


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