Family phone call: Jil Sander S/S 12

I know this is going to happen; I have been waiting for this for a long time. Countless rejections based on his hundreds of job hunting CV and answers on so called competence questions in the interview. Such waste of time. What loads of crap. Getting a job, your dreamed job seems really hard at the moment, but I did not dream too high, I am quite content with being an assistant in s men’s fashion shop. I went out to the high street with my earphones on, checked every single shop, they either do not hire at all, or require experienced staff. This is quite hard for me, who has not had any previous experience in this area, I have to face it, accept it, and follow an old saying: if you were not hired, then you are not going to get hired, because all these fashion retailers seem do not like to spend time and effort on training a person without further commitment. Even though you would like to stay there forever, they still have problems to think whether a temp has what the job takes.

Do you get more pressures from family, friends, or your finance circumstance? Yeah, it really gets me to hang there; I really hope I could spend some time with myself to relax, to enjoy few days without any concerns. Did I ask too much after finished a giant piece of Dissertation, which had tied me for more than three months? Did I ask too much to go to Europe to carry away a bit? I just choose to sit back, at home, sip coffee, watch some sitcoms, talk with friends, figure out my career path, find a proper job, eat decent food, have nice sleeps. Family, this is a really big word for me; it has pressured me to the extent that I have to find a way to get out of it. I don’t mean I don’t love it, but the conversations with my family are too stressful, too black-toned, too horrifying and attached with too many strings. These topics are based on, and around the problems of getting a job, getting a decent job, getting a high-paid job, then getting back to your homeland Beijing. I bet all your family hope you do the same to secure all your finance, to prove you are a person in the society, to be independent for good.

But is this what you want? Does this fit your career plan? Does this mean anything to you? Why cannot you just start to think about this life-changing decision yourself? This is your life; you have the rights to decide what you like to be and who you like to work for.

Just relax, don’t stress out like me, I know you are smart enough to make the right choice. Good luck to you all, fresh-out job hunters, and my beloved friends who are at work already. You are working for your future, it is very important for you and me to remember.


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