Facial problems solved: L’oreal & CLINIQUE For Men

This month is about to end, it was a terrifying month for me and my friends who are with a fixed dissertation deadline to meet. I had been working on that project for many months excluding the month I was away to China seeing friends and family. Dissertation this giant piece of stress was finally loaded on 25th August, a date tattooed in my memory, because after that I am no longer a full-time student but to face many more pressures in planning my future career and life.

During the horrifying month, I was not alone; I had problems with my face: sometimes it looks really dark, like my energy was drained by the pressures of finishing the dissertation, getting a job, figuring out my future. When I thought back, it seems I was in love with my laptop, that I have to see its face day and night, even though my eyes were filled with blood and wanted to pop out. However sometimes my face looks really pale, it looks like a vampire or a kid with nutrition problems; I start to realise that there must be something wrong with my face. As a young male just around his 20, I have to fix this big problem because if you look terrible with a disaster face, you would be less attractive and nobody would care what style you are wearing or how fashionable you are. Also, skincare is an important part of fashion nowadays, don’t you think so.

This part of me having face concerns is different from Samuel, he would like to spend quite a lot of money on skincare ranges in the market, but he could not say he is an expert on how to select right products, but I really trust his choices because at least he has no big issues on his face now, he was fighting with spots on his face when he was young he told me, but now he looks great in his latest photos because he chose an appropriate product after tried a lot of skincare things in the market. I emailed him to seek advice from him as I have no experience in using those things. You know, Samuel, his shyness always blocks his willingness to share his personal experience to others. I have been waiting for his reply for so long until one day it was really surprise when I checked my mail box; there were three things: a facial wash, a lotion, a moisturiser, and a letter simply wrote by him saying: maybe you use these and try them; I hope this combination works for you as well.

I looked up online it is mainly like the 3-step skincare recommended from CLINIQUE, but replaced its facial wash into L’oreal’s Hydra Energetic Foaming Gel. I could not wait to try it after I get it, this gel not only smells great, but also lights you up with its orange coloured energetic liquid to wake you up. I always think L’oreal put a lot of mint inside, but I am not sure, as the colour is not green or anything near to mint but orange. This facial wash works well and gives the feeling of sobering up. It feels like having a great smell coffee in the morning after you wake up.

So after you dry your face with the L’oreal, Samuel said I should apply the Scruffing Lotion on my face first. The lotion is like a flower rose but with a faded colour, it smells alright, but I worry is there any alcohol element inside, because after I applied it on my face, it just feels like burning, my poles squeeze very tightly; it actually dries up my face quite quickly and makes it feel really clean. However, my one is label with 2.5 digits on it, which is suitable for any kind of skin types, because Samuel does not what type I am. After consulting its website, 2 is for dry type, and 3 is for oily type, so for me, in the middle it s perfect. After this step, the finally step is to apply the M Lotion, which was a winning product listed by MENSHEALTH in Grooming section, personally I feel more moisturised than any products I owned before, this one makes face smoother, fresher, and cleaner. It does not feel oily at all comparing with other products in the market.

I have been using these three skincare products for a while, it turns out to be great on me, my face looks much smoother than ever, no spots, healthy balanced water and oil on my face. I have more confidence to talk about these facial problems to anyone who has concerns now.

Samuel, how are you doing these days, after you told me your worries the other day, I feel really sorry, and I hope you could figure out solutions to make mature decisions. But no matter what, I am still here at your side always with greatest faith in you.


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